An Alternative Way of Thinking

I was never a fan of capitalism, in fact I despised it from the very beginning. It’s built on a foundation that is completely unjust. Its very essence is derived from the exploitation of something or someone else; natural resources, labour and in many cases both. While those doing all the exploiting benefit greatly, there will always be the exploited, for the system cannot exist otherwise.

I spent countless hours researching and learning about the system that I had little say in, yet was born into. The more I came to know the more I realised its short comings. I looked at its history and ties to colonialism whilst researching in depth the world’s monetary system and how it has created a globalised economy based on debt. Slowly, I came to understand its nature and began to perceive its existence all around me. Consumerism, mass-media, poverty, war – everywhere I looked there seemed to be some kind of offshoot of this imperfect system.

In today’s age, this system is attaining new heights. New levels of power, profit and exploitation are being reached. As the gap between rich and poor widens, one can’t help but ask where does it all end? How much poverty, war and suffering can we, humanity, tolerate before we stand up and shout “This has gone too far!”?

In my pursuit of answers I flirted with alternatives and potential solutions. Socialism? Spiritualism? International Development? Revolution? Yet despite my research and questioning I never actually came closer to an answer or a true alternative. But that’s OK, I didn’t need to have the answer. The simple act of pursuing and questioning the existence of an alternative is more than enough. One person, five or even 1000 people may not have any answers. And that’s because any answer or solution must come from the collective, the masses, the people. I’m talking about evolution.

One barrier I frequently encountered in my endless discussions and criticisms towards this profit driven system tended to result in the same response. Take money out of the equation, and you’re left with a lazy and unmotivated society, living off the hard work of others. But I’m here to say no, this is not true.  Laziness and greed are not human nature, merely states of mind encouraged by a defective and imbalanced system. People, I believe, are motivated by other reasons besides money such as meaingful work, sense of contribution and challenging themselves to excel. Sadly, we have forgotten this truth as society has little room for such motivating positions within this profit focused system.

I believe each person on this planet possesses a talent or gift that simply needs to be recognised and then utilised. When the focus is off profit and onto people, such talents can more readily be identified and accommodated. Why can’t we exploit that instead!?

Clearly, I don’t have the answers nor an alternative but the important part is that I’m talking about it and questioning. Whilst capitalism is the current and dominant system, I know deep within my heart there is a more just and equitable alternative for everybody. Simply being aware of this and discussing it with each other prepares us for when a true alternative begins to emerge.  The full picture needn’t be clear before we start taking steps towards a change.