Twenties’ Idealism

Sometimes, rhetoric arises about the younger generation’s role in the shaping of future societies and I believe that this has never been more true than where we, humanity, find ourselves at present. Yet paradoxically, at our hour of greatest need, a lack of opportunities exist that empower and mobilise our youth to carry out the arduous task of saving the world.

My own journey began in my twenties and saw me visiting far-flung locations around the world. My desire for unconventional experiences found me working, living and gravitating towards politically unstable countries rife with social problems and inequality. Despite my elevated position experienced from amongst societies’ privileged, I always felt and absorbed the plight of the less fortunate.

A few years ago, I became familiar with a well-known phrase; if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want. It always resonated with me, as I knew deep within my heart that I could achieve and do anything I wanted. It was a comforting feeling knowing that I could pick, choose and succeed at anything I so desired. I tested the quote’s validity time and time again and on each occasion I surprised myself with what I was in fact capable of.

I contemplated the universality of its truth and found that it applied to any human being with the will or passion to try. In theory this is true, but the reality conveys a far contrary picture. The truth of the matter is that some 80% of the global population will never even have the opportunity or platform to try.

Naturally, I started directing my passion and energy towards alleviating that problem, which I had never personally faced, yet paradoxically completely had.

I tried, volunteered, researched, lived, experienced and went about using my freedoms to help these people have the very opportunities that I so abundantly had.

But the irony was that I wasn’t free, I faced the very same restrictions and constraints that they did; albeit on a different level.

You see, we all want the same things, peace, happiness, security, health, prosperity, food and shelter. The only difference is that I want to dedicate my life to giving that, where as the world’s majority struggle to merely attain the basics.

So why is it so difficult in our day and age, with all the technology, information and communications for a person to dedicate their time to a noble cause and be a paid a modest amount to do the job?

Why must a person sell themselves short and engage in work that goes against their core beliefs, stifles their creativity and renders their talents untapped just to gain the experience required to be accepted in a more socially fulfilling position? And that’s assuming that such a meaningful career transition is even possible!

Give me the right opportunity and I can guarantee that I’m ready to give my life for it. Why isn’t this enough?

We’re all born fighting for the same thing, a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. When did we forget this?

I just wish the system accommodated passionate individuals and provided meaningful opportunities to those with all levels of experience and knowledge.

Because once these meaningful opportunities become available in our society, I guarantee you’ll have an active generation of youth working passionately, creatively and practically to giving those very same opportunities to our fellow human beings who sadly, were not as lucky as us.