Honouring your contract – Video

Here is a poem I wrote from my current home in Haifa, Israel. There is so much division here along racial, ethnic and religious lines. This poem was inspired by my deep desire to see all division cease. Enjoy 🙂

In a world defined,
by its increasing levels of insanity,
we mustn’t forget, 
our shared, common humanity.
That which unites us, 
unites us all.
That which determines,
whether we rise or fall.
But the veil is lifting 
and rise we shall,
from the pits of human suffering,
from the depths of hell.
To a brave new world,
built on love and light.
Oh what a spectacle!
Oh what a sight!
I lose myself in thought,
over how it could be.
Wishing that others,
could one day see.
The world of my dreams,
beautifully divine,
inherently good,
paradoxically sublime.
But the world of my dreams,
is the responsibility of all.
To wander within,
to answer the call.
The call that prompts,
good men to act,
incessantly honouring
their soul’s contract.
Because we all have one
and it’s time to see,
our pre-determined pact,
the way we agreed to be.
To be in this world,
fulfilling our mission.
Synchronistically connected,
in perfect unison.
Life’s a dream,
and then you die,
So wake up now
and fly, fly, fly.