Bible Studies: Series of spiritual related video blogs

Bible Studies Part One: The Secret Language of Birthdays 

This is the first part of a series of video blogs titled Bible Studies that looks at key books that came to me throughout my life that were instrumental to my spiritual development. Part one looks at the Secret Language of Birthdays, a book that describes personality profiles based on the day and year that they are born in. It incorporates astrology, personality research, tarot and numerology. You can access your in depth report as well as do compatibility reports online for free. Just go to:

Bible Studies Part Two: Conversations with God 

This is the second part of the Bible Studies series which focuses on a three part series of books called Conversations with God; an extraordinary trilogy consisting of conversations between God and Neale Walsch. This video blog focuses on Book Two which looks at global issues and cites direct quotes of conversations between Walsch and God in regards to education and geopolitics. Whether you accept the thesis or not, the ideas presented in the books and those highlighted in this video blog are worthy of consideration and represent observations as to how we could create a world for the highest good of all.

Bible Studies Part Three: Destiny of Souls

This is the third part of the Bible Studies series which discusses the research of Michael Newton through his book Destiny of Souls that looks at Past Lives as well and Life between Lives research.

I met with Peter Smith, the President of the Michael Newton Institute to discuss the research and also underwent a Past Life Regression myself. This video details my experiences.

Please find below some links for your further research including the work of the researches that Peter mentions in the video that proves reincarnation as a fact.

Michael Newton Institute

Peter Smith LBL Australia

Dr. Ian Stevenson

Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Helen Wambach

Bible Studies Part Four: Who was John the Baptist?

This is part four of my Bible Studies series and looks at the role John the Baptist had in preparing the way for the teacher of great righteousness and is filmed from the place John (Jachanan) was born in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.


Jesus and the Essenes by Doloros Cannon

John the Baptist BBS Radio

Bible Studies Part Five: Was Moses and Egyptian Pharaoh?

This is the fifth part of my Bible Studies series and looks at ground breaking research that identifies the biblical characters of Joseph from Genesis and Moses from Exodus in Egyptian archaeological history. The findings postulate that Moses was none other than Pharaoh Akhenaten often credited with having founded of Monotheism.


Moses and Monotheism by Sigmund Freud

Moses and Akhenaten One and the Same Person by Ahmed Osman 

Akhenaten and Moses by Moustafa Gadalla (Excerpt from Historical Deception: The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt)

Akhenaten, Moses and Biblical Patriarch Joseph: Interview with Ahmed Osman

Genesis and Exodus (First two books of the old testament/Jewish Bible)

Bible Studies Part Six: Jesus and the Essenes

This is the sixth part of my Bible Studies series and looks at aspects little known about Jeshua Ben Yosef’s  (Jesus) life and filmed from the Carmel monastery where Jeshua spent his childhood being educated into the Essenes mysteries and scriptures. The information is obtained through revolutionary past life regression research told from the perspectives of Essenes who lived and walked with Jesus Christ. The blog includes information about Jesus’ little known early life, education, Christ (Messiah) consciousness and the role of the secret Essene community in their mission to bring forth the Great Teacher of Righteousness.


Jesus and the Essenes

They Walked with Jesus

The Way of the Essenes: Christ’s Hidden Life Remembered

The Essenes: The Children of the Light

The Essenes Gospel of Peace

The Essenes Gospel of Peace (Available for free online)