Peace on Earth: A Poem

Peace on Earth

I have searched high and low for peace on Earth
Experienced suffering, questioned its worth
From war to poverty, I have seen it all
Yet none the closer, still against that wall
Until I discovered peace within,
And understood immediately realms unseen
That the world is a reflection of our inner state
War exists because we harbour hate
Peace without, starts from within
Living a life free from sin
And not the judging, hateful kind
But rather aspects of self we wish to define
An endless journey deeper into self
A balanced mind, body, spiritual health
A peaceful reality attainable by all
Through work and courage, to answer that call
The call within that always chooses Love
And places Forgiveness high, high above
Injustice, violence, pain, division
Let us move beyond and begin to envision
The world of our dreams, Peace on Earth
The beginning of an era, a complete re-birth
For this is how it starts, imagined to life
An abundant world, there kindness is rife
It starts with a belief, a commitment to act
And full remembrance of our pre-determined pact
The pact that says now is the time
To rise beyond this most harsh paradigm
Where dreams envisioned may find release
So that finally we may have our thousand years of peace.