The Path of Bliss


Along this path of Light I follow

Rarely feeling pain or sorrow

Signs and messages all around

Stir my soul with love profound

Synchronicity enfolds me so

Blissful feeling from head to toe

Beautiful feelings throughout I feel

A deep intense, divine ordeal

Of love and light in my heart

A stroke within Creator’s art

I am blessed within God’s grace

Floating beyond time and space

In union with All, separate from none

Life’s a dream, of endless fun

A blessed state, by all who seek

By going within, to the mystique

Respecting and honoring the divinity of all

Listening and heeding the inner call

Riding the wave of Celestial Love

Pouring out from Heavens above

Divine presence is felt in the heart

That’s the place we must all start

To heal the world and feel God’s bliss

To be bestowed a Goddess kiss.

Life’s a journey of love and care,

Joyous meditation and prayer.

May you be blessed to find your bliss

Lest you spiral down the abyss…