The Secret

If there is one thing I have come to learn

It is that Love has the final say

For that’s how creation was designed

A benevolent, awesome play

Orchestrated by our Creator

Perfect in every way

Accessible through the heart

A joyous, dramatic play

But only is it evident

When a soul yearns to know the truth

If you wish to see of what I speak

You must become a sleuth

A detective of your origins

Questioning what you are

Because when you ask these questions

Truly you are taken far

God-Goddess is everything

But we are a fallen world

So unless you search vigilantly

You may not see the pearl

The pearl of peace, crowned in wisdom

A gift from high above

Created from the omnipresent

All pervading love

That’s the nature of the higher worlds

And that’s where we shall go

But one must buy a ticket

With the words and deeds they sow

For truly all that matters

Is how much we learned to love

For that’s our ticket home

To the heavenly worlds above

What I speak to you is truth

It come direct to you from them

For I submitted my will

So that we may all ascend

Back home to where we were created

Back to very beginning

Where love reigned supreme

And all awoke through singing

For that is the joy and the promise

Of the Creator to the created

The peace we’ve all yearned for

The time that’s been long awaited

To free ourselves from the past

From the evil of our now

Join me brothers and sisters

As we take a holy vow

And give our lives over

To serve Their divine plan

And learn the truth of our origins

And how it all began

For only when we know

The truth of where we came

Can we fully understand

How to play this game

I have the key, follow me

I promise success is assured

For all my life I have sought the truth

Through all I have endured

The time has come to stand up

And scream from the mountain top

I know the way home

But first the violence must stop!

No more murder, no more pain

We must set the animals free

Because the Secret of it is

Only then can we too be.