How I Became a Healer

Over the years, a series of profound mystical experiences led me to become a healer. It was something I’d never considered, but like all good things in life, it came as a big surprise.
It all started seven years ago when I visited a psychic. She casually asked, “Have you started your healing work yet?” I laughed and told her that I hadn’t but the truth of it was that I had no idea what healing work even was.
Despite my ignorance on the subject, her words awoke something deep within me and thus my quest began. My chosen tools and teachers were yoga, meditation, healers, shamans, priests and priestesses. I traveled outwardly, the world over seeking answers to my endless questions and I journeyed within, deep into the core of my being.
Slowly I peeled back the layers of emotional trauma to reveal the most authentic version of myself. It is from this place of having done the inner work, and still doing so, that I have the ability to heal others. Although admittedly, it’s not really me doing the healing, I’m just a channel. The real healer is God-Goddess and I am but a servant of their will.
Fast forward to four years ago as I wrote a poem from my then home on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel – this is where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount not that I knew or cared at the time – but it was here that I was contacted by a spiritual man. You see he had found and re-posted a poem that I had uploaded to my blog called Honouring your Contract. Somehow his spiritual gifts allowed him to look deep within my soul when he said, “You my dear, are an Essene”. He also said I was a Cherubim – an angel. I had vaguely heard of the Cherubim and had no idea who the Essenes were. So you can imagine my astonishment when I discovered that I was living on the very mount where they had a thriving community some two thousand years before home to the greatest Essene of all, Yashua, or as most have come to know him, Jesus.
As my journey into the mysteries of religion took root, I found myself in Tsfat, Israel – Kabbalah’s most Holy city – with a Rabbi and Master of Kabbalah celebrating the Shabbat. We were elevated to higher worlds as the Rabbi read to us from an Aramaic Zohar oracle – an experience that can only be described as being spoken to directly from God himself. It was in Aramaic from this oracle that the Rabbi said to me, “You are a high priestess”. It sounded almost unbelievable. But something in me knew it to be true.
Shortly after that revelation, I realised I had a lot of work to do in this life before I would be able to step into that role confidently. So I went in search of teachers who could help facilitate that shift. To begin with, I did a nine-month priestess training with two high priestesses of the Goddess Isis where I was ordained as an Isis High Priestess Healer of the New Earth. This training was a beautiful course and helped me to re-awaken the Divine Feminine within that had long been suppressed. It wasn’t long before my mind craved scholarly training where by I could indulge my love of knowledge.
This craving was satisfied with my current studies of the Essene Way which I am not at liberty to disclose. It is my desire to one day serve as an Essene Priestess and I am studying toward this end but it will be many years of discipline on this path before that dream will bear fruit.
As far as energy healing training goes I am Reiki and Sekhem master and teacher. I was trained by high priestess Rosalie. Reiki is hands on energy healing that draws on Earth energy and is wonderful for working on the emotional and mental bodies. Sekhem is spiritual surgery and draws on heavenly energy and is excellent for working with actual physical disease and illness. I also teach Reiki in workshops.
My yoga training is from the tantric lineage and my training carried out with a celibate monk. However, I incorporate several different styles of yoga into my sessions. I also have a 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training from the foothills from the Himalayas where I studied with yogis.
I also offer Past Life Regression to my clients which is a deep work whereby I take you on a journey to your past where by you see relevant lives play out like a movie.
And finally I do hypnosis, where by we delve deep into your subconscious to heal anything that stands int he way of you making the positive changes that you truly wish to in your life.
It would be an honour to work with you and assist you on your healing journey!
Until we meet, may you be blessed.