Desert Kiss – A poem inspired from Sinai Desert, Egypt

ras saitan

Where the desert kisses the cool blue ocean

There I shall meet you

Where the earthly and watery elements merge as one

There I shall sit and wait

Not as a woman who awaits an estranged lover

But as a shoreline that awaits the inevitable

Gently receiving what is hers to receive

My soul yearns to be immersed in the deep waters of your soul

To relieve the dryness of the most barren of deserts

I yearn for a return to Gan Eden for all

For how can I drink while the children thirst?

How can I bathe while the children remain soiled?

For my love is tied with theirs

And their exile, my affliction to bear

So I call you forth from the waters

To rise up and envelop me

To lose all sense of boundary

Just as a wave merges with the sand

In a perpetual dance that transforms the other

I prepare myself by simply being what I am

The still and expecting shoreline

Awaiting the ocean’s eternal consummation.