Time Stood Still

It was as if time stood still
While the world came screeching to a violent halt
Causing chaos in its wake
For those who had too long depended on their mind alone
It tortured some
Liberated others
In an endless moment that would go down in history far beyond than any newsman dared to report
Each moment
Each thought
A choice
Apathy or
Yet most resisted the unfamiliar sound of their beating heart
Unaware that the discomfort that plagued them
Was their mind’s stubborn refusal to let go of all they’ve ever known
And so in the darkness, they sat
And in the stillness, they were saved
The message of their heart was finally heeded
“There is more to life than this” it whispered
And then those who resisted the call of their heart began to listen
They started to trust that the message of their heart was Truth indeed
And thus they began the noble work to train their mind to be a willing servant
They liberated themselves from its long, oppressive rule
They finally made peace with the parts of themselves that had only known war
And man breathed
Man felt
Man listened
And just like that, all Mankind was saved.