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Who was John the Baptist?

Was Moses and Egyptian Pharaoh?

Jesus and the Essenes

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Operation Protective Edge: What they don’t want you to knowGaza Map

Journalist Kate Johnston shares her experiences from Israel during Operation Protective Edge, discussing the role that the debate, natural gas politics and Israel’s defence system played in this latest Gaza tragedy. First published in Independent Australia.

Socioeconomically Left, Politically Right?

left right

While living and working in Israel and Palestine, Journalist Kate Johnston has discovered an unusual phenomenon — Israelis who identify one-way socioeconomically, while politically the other. First published in Independent Australia.

 Fear, Silence and Politics


What does The Arab Peace Initiative and the 2011 Israeli Social Justice Protests have in common? Fear, silence and politics says Journalist Kate Johnston. First published in Independent Australia.

In Defence of Ignorance

peace war

A philosophical musing inspired whilst sitting on Tel Aviv’s beach as I watched scores of military aircraft going overhead.