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Science Vs. Politics Australia’s Water Fluoridation Debate

As countries around the world continue to ban their water fluoridation programs citing adverse health effects, Journalist Kate Johnston speaks to Independent Politician Mark Aldridge and Independent Film Maker Jaya Drolma, to find out why Australia is lagging behind.

A Case Against US Intervention in Syria

A concerted attempt to discern the truth of what was happening in Syria through looking at the theme of propaganda and truth. First Published in Independent Australia.

Towards Social Change: A Socioeconomic Paradigm for Harnessing Human Potential

If there is one thing I’m passionate about, it’s pushing humanity to its highest potential. To this end I am a idealistic-realist. I say realistic for in my quest for solutions I have been blessed to discover many, none of which are more comprehensive than PROUT (Progressive Utilisation Theory).

PROUT: A New Socioeconomic Paradigm?

High Ranking US General Exposes September 11

In a ground breaking interview, Journalist Kate Johnston interviews US General Albert Stubblebine in his home in Chile. Stubblebine discusses his awakening to the truth of September 11 and the questions it stirred in his mind about his loyalty to the US government. 

Dr. Rima Laibow: The Attack on Health Freedom

In a shocking interview, journalist Kate Johnston interviews Dr Rima about the attack on global health freedom. Dr. Rima courageously exposes the crimes against humanity being carried out by the World Health Organisation, Big Pharma, Governments, the UN and corporations. MUST watch for anyone interested in this area. 

Dr. Rima Truth Reports Radio Interview

Radio Interview with Discerning Kate discussing her personal awakening and health freedom.

Is the Carbon Tax the Death of Democracy?

On July 1st 2012, Australia joined nations around the world in their move towards a carbon economy through the implementation of a carbon tax, which will become an Emissions Trading Scheme in 2015. Yet the underpinning justification for this move, the science behind man-made global warming, is not even close to being settled…

Fairdinkum Radio Radio Interview

Radio interview with Discerning Kate about the story “Is the Carbon Tax the Death of Democracy?”

An Alternative Way of Thinking

I was never a fan of capitalism, in fact I despised it from the very beginning. It’s built on a foundation that is completely unjust. Its very essence is derived...

Twenties’ Idealism

Sometimes, rhetoric arises about the younger generation’s role in the shaping of future societies and I believe that this has never been more true than where we, humanity, find ourselves at present…